About Hong Kong

Written by Katie Chiu | Photograph by Karen Chan

We all know about Lantau Island and Cheung Chau, but do you know that there are 263 outlying islands in Hong Kong? Located in the south of China, not only is Hong Kong a place boasting beautiful coastal scenery, but also a place where you can you can experience delicious food, amazing shops and Chinese festivals.   

It is known that that Hong Kong has a lot of delicious traditional foods, for instance, Xiao Long Bao, Siu Mai and Beef Balls. For example, a lot of Hong Kong cafes serve rich milk tea. Unlike other types of tea, Hong Kong-style milk tea is created using a unique recipe. We use a cotton cloth which covers a filter to help sieve and “pull” the tea – hence the colloquial term “silk-stocking milk-tea”. The blending of this type of milk tea can be viewed as an art taking years of experience and practice to perfect, requiring knowledge such as what kind of cup to use, or how hot the tea needs to be.  The restaurants serving this sort of food – the ubiquitous Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng – can be found all over the city, meaning that you can easily find a cafe since there are a lot of cafes around, even on a short vacation. We can therefore see you should go to Hong Kong to have the amazing opportunity to try the foods and drinks.

In addition to this, Hong Kong is the perfect place for shopping all kinds of things with a variety of souvenirs. This is demonstrated in North Point where there is a famous slipper store called the King’s Slippers Company, located in a Hokkien building in Fortress Hill. This shop had survived around for around half a century, and tourists come around this slipper shop holding their travel guidebook everyday just to look at the famed Chinese slippers made out of silk. These examples suggest that you can go around Hong Kong shopping for different things, since Hong Kong is often called a shopping paradise. It is clear that you should come visit our homeland and take advantage to shop for things you can’t find in your country.

Contrasting with the metropolitan-ness of the city, Hong Kong still keeps its cultures and traditions alive with festivals and more. In accordance with Chinese tradition, lion dancers wind through the streets of Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year. Moreover, during the Ching Ming Festival, plumes of smoke billow from ritual fires from hillside graves, which is another example of our tradition. Such as, some people keep the tradition on by singing folk songs on the local radio. Therefore, you should come to Hong Kong since there are traditional and cultural festivals all the time. The most important factor is that all people should visit our home so they can learn and have the unforgettable experience in our cultural events.

You should visit Hong Kong because you can try our traditional food, go shopping in different shops and participate in cultural events! Here, there are dim sum, pork buns, steamed shrimp dumplings, souvenirs of Chinese art and name seals, as well as Chinese New Year lion dances plus Lantern festivals. If you visit Hong Kong, you can learn some Cantonese in case you want to come back again. Come to Hong Kong now and have an unforgettable and amazing vacation!

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