On the Merits Of Natation

Written by Olycia Ho

I really like swimming at CIS because it is very convenient.  The swimming pool is close by, the changing room is clean, and, of course, swimming is a very healthy sport. Swimming keeps your heart rate up, and also takes some of the impact stress off your body, it helps maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs and it also provides an all over body workout, which means nearly all of your muscles are used when you are swimming. Swimming also improves your sleep, and boosts your mood.

Trainer and 25-time Ironman finisher Tom Holland often jokes, “Swimming is not a sport. It means to keep from drowning.” But at 48, he says he appreciates swimming far more now than when he was younger. “Now when I swim, I often get this weird, great swimmer’s high,” says Holland, author of “Swim, Bike, Run, Eat : The Complete Guide to Fueling Your Triathlon.” If you burn 500 calories more than you eat every day, you can lose a pound a week. You can lose almost 90% of your body weight with swimming.

Between swimming and running, If you want a healthy weight loss, both sports will help improve your cardiovascular health, but the advantages for swimming outweighs running. When you are swimming, you get a full-body workout which is easier on your joints than running. Also, you are working mostly with your lower body, including your guts, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. But, swimming does also work your upper body muscles more than running does. Your arms and your other upper body muscles are used when you pull your body through the water, building the upper body strength. You can burn off about 350 calories during an intense 30 minute swim. It takes more physical effort to swim 3 miles than it does to run 3 miles, so swimming takes more of a cardio effort than running does.

To sum up everything, sport’s all about passion, and doing what you like, especially when there is a good health benefit! There are many things that I like, but I find myself swimming a lot, and i’m all in for it. I’m very excited that i found this passion and i hope I can do better.

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