Restaurant Review: Social Place

Written by Tingting Zhang | Photo by Openrice

Have you ever wanted to dine in a special restaurant like no other? Or perhaps you think that traditional dim sum is just too plain and boring? Well, Social Place is just the restaurant for you! This restaurant was introduced to me by a close friend. Here, you can enjoy traditional Hong Kong dim sum with a unique twist to it, safe in the knowledge that the food is made with fresh and good quality ingredients containing no MSG.

Social Place aims to achieve a comforting, cosy and upbeat dining venue. I can still recall my first memory of this restaurant, and as I entered I noticed a table designed to look like a ping-pong table. As I sat down at a table, I glanced at my utensils and plates and almost jumped out of my skin. The plates were covered in ants and bees! Then I took a closer look and realized that these insects were only pictures pasted onto the plate. I thought that these were really creative ways to jazz up boring tables and plates into something customers would actually take notice of. This gave me a good first impression of this restaurant.

This restaurant is based on local Hong Kong culture, and the thing that makes the food here so interesting is that it takes Hong Kong dim sum to a totally different level. For instance, are you bored of the same dim sum made with the same ingredients with the same filling…? In Social Place you can savour charcoal lava custard buns (edible charcoal added into dough, infused with detoxicating properties, with molten custard), truffle shiitake buns that look almost identical to shiitake mushrooms, the ‘bayberry’ (berry shaped buns with custard filling), the ‘turtle’ (turtle shaped buns with barbecue pork), steamed rose floret buns, apple shaped buns with apple and cinnamon filling, and many more. Not only does Social Place serve dim sum, but also noodles, rice, salads and others. Some people commented that their glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf was extremely good, and it wasn’t even as heavy as the original kind! Of course, we definitely cannot forget Social Place’s signature dish, the fried pigeon (白玉王鴿). A savoury chewy smooth meat coated in a crispy flavourful crust is definitely a favourite. Social Place has averagely priced food with a ranging from about &50HKD up to &160HKD for each dish.

Many customers have commented that Social Place’s food is truly delicious, but one minor problem is that the restaurant is a bit crowded and the atmosphere a bit noisy. However, this is a common issue in Hong Kong considering the limited space of area we have, and may not even be a bad thing to some people – after all, lively and raucous patrons are a cornerstone of Hong Kong dining .

Social Place is an enjoyable restaurant with a cheerful atmosphere that is likely to bring up your mood. Its creative design of the restaurant is perfect for all ages, which makes it a perfect place for your family to dine in. The food is tasty and in addition healthy too. This restaurant is a must-go and I would definitely recommend it!


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